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9:15 am - 10:00 am

10:00 am - 11:00 am

11:15 am - 12:45 pm

12:45 pm - 2:15 pm

2:15 pm  - 3:45 pm

3:45 pm


Opening and Keynote Speaker


Lunch and Stall Visits




Here are the details of the workshops offered throughout the day.

Parent & Carer Workshops

Morning Session
11:15AM - 12:45PM

Positive Behaviour Support / Parents & Carers

How your child’s Special Education Needs and/or disability may impact on their behaviour: Considering the four areas of need:

  • Cognition and Learning

  • Communication and Interaction

  • Social Emotional, Mental Health

  • Physical and Sensory

This session is presented by
Sally Ahmad - SEND Inclusion Specialist Teacher

Parents! PLAY Needs YOU / Parents & Carers

Are you the parent of a new-born, toddler, or older child who is developmentally up to 7 years old?

  • Ever wondered, Why Play comes so naturally?

  • Why Play is so important?

  • Noticed that opportunities for Play are being eroded!

  • Today we will share simple researched Play based techniques that mean you are developing your child’s language (even if not yet talking), social skills, and learning opportunities, whilst also developing your bond.

  • Your child is asking you to ‘Watch Me Play!’ … Can you find the time?


This session is presented by

Dr Yvonne Bancroft - Senior Specialist Educational Psychologist

Post 16 Pathways / Young People, Parents & Carers

This workshop will provide information for young people and their parents and carers about post 16 Pathways covering education and social care.

The session will cover the opportunities available at Post 16 for learners with SEND, both with and without an EHCP.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask the workshop providers questions about local provision and what support they can offer.

This workshop is hosted by

Sally Cass - Senior Specialist Teacher, and

Mandy Fell - Team Manager, Children with Disabilities Team

Parent & Carer Workshops

Afternoon Session
2:15PM - 3:45PM

Becoming an Expert Parent / Parents & Carers

You know your children best but we don’t always feel that we know how to manage some of our children’s challenges. During your personal journey to becoming the “expert parent” some tools may be helpful.

We will explore some of the available tools and think about how these may be used with your child. We will also discuss how and when to seek specialist help and what this entails.

This session is presented by

Heidi Peers - Advanced Children's Occupational Therapist

We are very sorry; this workshop has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Anxiety / Parents & Carers

In this workshop, we will look at:

  • What is anxiety

  • What can cause anxiety, and

  • Ways to support your anxious child/young person

This session will be interactive, with a demonstration of making stress balls and a chance to have a go. We will also share mindfulness and breathing exercises.

This session is presented by

Service Six -

A Personal Journey - World of Work / Parents & Carers

Within this workshop Jon will share his daughters journey into the world of work. The highs and lows and offer their top tips and person centred tools that will help young people, parents and carers think and plan for young people. He will share national programmes that will support young people as they approach the world of work.


This session is led by

Jon Ralphs 

Children & Young People's Workshops

These workshops will run at the same time

as the parents and carers’ workshops

Morning Session

11:15AM - 12:45PM

Afternon Session

2:15PM - 3:45PM

Some of these activities are drop-in only

and parents must be present to supervise their children

Morning - Primary Age / Afternoon - Secondary Age

The session will be a mixture of structured and unstructured intervals using a variety or exercises and equipment. 

This will include: Warm-up, aerobics, dance, circuit training, obstacle courses, strength and balance exercises, yoga, High- Intensity Interval Training, ball skills, parachute activities/games and Resistance training. 

This session is led by
Sarah from Inclusive Fitness

MK Springers
Morning - Secondary Age / Afternoon - Primary Age

The workshop will include short warm up, shapes, opportunity to learn forward roll, cartwheels, backward rolls, leaps and jumps on the air track. Some dance and expression/linking movements.

This session is led by

MK Springers -

Craft Workshop
Morning - Primary Age / Afternoon - Secondary Age

Details to be confirmed.

This workshop is led by


Sensory Space
Morning + Afternoon / Drop-in Session

This is a drop-in activity for all ages - children/young people must be supervised by an adult at all times.

This space is run by

MK Gallery -

P&C Workshops
CYP Workshops
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